About Me


I have loved food my whole life. Food and entertaining are my passions.

Both Grandmothers (gone but not forgotten) as well as my Mom shared a love for food and were excellent teachers.

When I was 12 my Dad bought a butcher shop and allowed me to work with him on weekends. There, I learned to cut and wrap meat, make sausage and to recognize good quality products. Interacting with people and customer service were two of the many qualities my Dad loved and knew were essential to operating a successful business. He passed that on to me.

Being the oldest of six kids, Saturday nights were mine for creating spaghetti sauces, homemade Chinese food or good old burgers before the family sat down to watch hockey night in Canada.

Gaining an appreciation for the good earth and all that it provides were gifts from my Papa and Uncle whose farm provided potatoes, corn, turnips and other fresh produce.

Then my Dad went on to build a pub, he invited me to assist in menu design and work the lunch shift.

After several years of honing my serving skills I decided to test my mettle by becoming the cook on a commercial fishing vessel! There I fed a hungry crew 3 hearty meals a day for two salmon seasons and a herring season.

When a new opportunity presented itself, I eagerly partnered with my friend Marcia in opening the Tee House Restaurant at the Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club.

In 2002 I moved to the beautiful Cowichan Valley where the food, wine and culinary delights continue to inspire me. Creating great food and delivering exceptional service allows me to look at the world as my honoured guests.